Why Freelance Women?

Women are really good at freelancing. And its autonomous and flexible nature makes it a perfect fit for many women’s life paths. Yet freelancing is ultimately a business, and women are taught all our lives that we don’t have heads for business.

So we are in particular need of sensible advice on how to approach freelancing as a sustainable income-generating enterprise that can help us design the lives we want.

As such, I figured there must be scores of sites that focus on the unique perspective of women freelancers. The internet should be overflowing with places, resources, and support for women who want to start freelancing or freelancing women who want to grow their businesses.

But when I went looking I came up pretty much empty-handed. It’s like a desert out here for us female hustlers. There are some secret Facebook groups, some career-focused sites for women leaders, and a whole lot of blogs by women freelancers giving great advice. But there was no site explicitly speaking to women who freelance.

So I made it myself.

And I’m thrilled about that because I love to help other women live their dreams. The truth is:

Women are awesome!

But we are taught throughout our lives, in ways implicit and overt, that we are not awesome.

We are taught that we are not as smart, not as capable, not as savvy. That we don’t have a killer business instinct or any facility with finances. That we should be happy with whatever pay we’re given. That we need to cater to everyone else’s needs before our own. That we are selfish for wanting to write our own stories.

But writing your own story is awesome!

So, welcome to this positive, supportive community of women and nonbinary freelancers who recognize that when we each succeed we all succeed. Please enjoy, use, and share the content here. People who are not women are welcome as well; a lot of the advice here will be of use to everyone.

–Katherine Gustafson