Our mission is to help women overcome narratives that hold us back from designing the freelance careers we want, and to provide the information and perspective we need to build powerful self-directed businesses in any field.

This site is designed to help anyone who identifies as a woman:

  • Know that we have every right to put ourselves out there
  • Feel that we can succeed if we really want it
  • Figure out what we can offer and to whom
  • Ask for the money that our work is worth
  • Earn more money than we thought we could
  • Learn how to run our own business affairs
  • Recognize ways of balancing all the parts of our lives
  • Get support from others who are doing this too
  • Become super bad-ass freelancers who are building joyful, sustainable careers and can’t imagine doing anything else

This site is meant to be useful to people pursuing any type of freelancing, from writing to coding, from tutoring to PR, from ASL interpretation to clowning. However, the site has an emphasis on freelance writing considering that its author is a freelance writer and writing is one of the most popular types of freelance careers, especially for women.

All The Freelance Women was started by Katherine Gustafson, a freelance writer and editor who has been hustling full- or part-time since 2004. She first went full-time freelance in 2009 and in the last decade has discovered freelancing to be the most exciting and liberating career path available. She specializes in writing for and about mission-driven changemakers like tech disruptors and dynamic nonprofits. She has written one book and about a billion articles, blog posts, white papers, reports, grant applications, speeches, tweets, and other things for clients ranging from small startups to major international companies.