Episode 4. Creating a sustained and varied freelance career: Interview with freelance writer Payal Dhar

This episode features Payal Dhar, a New Delhi-based freelance writer and web designer who has been freelancing for two decades. She started freelancing after severe social anxiety drove her out of an office job in journalism. Over the years she has done academic copyediting, tech writing, web design, and written 10 YA novels.  Her story illustrates how to create a varied and sustainable freelance career.

Show notes


Memorable quotes

“There have been plenty of ups and downs. There’s been years I’ve barely earned anything, but that’s the life of a freelancer.”

“As a freelance journalist your market is not just limited to your local area, or your state or  city or country.”

“The freedom of the press is not actually at its best right now. There’s been a lot of interference. We have a right-wing government that’s doing all kinds of bad things. The same pattern seems to be replicating all around the world right now.”

“The one thing that you cannot ever put a value on is the freedom that freelancing gives you… That freedom of being able to decide what you do, where you do it from, and when you do it is priceless. I cannot put a value on it.”

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