Episode 3. Weed, mental health, creativity, and freelancing: Interview with creative marketing strategist Alaina Dorsey

Today’s guest is Alaina Dorsey, a creative marketing strategist based in Baltimore who focuses on weed, CBD, and e-commerce. Alaina’s started her involved with cannabis as a patient who used it to help her mental health. Her story illustrates how powerful freelance careers can grow out of very personal experience, as well as how freelancers can incorporate social advocacy and action into their careers.

Show notes

Bio and links

Creative marketing consultant Alaina Dorsey runs Bud Biz Creativ, which combines social media knowhow, industry content marketing experience, and hints of branding to help companies in the weed, CBD, and e-commerce spaces.  

Alaina’s marketing website: http://alainadorsey.com

Alaina’s visual arts website: http://lainface.com/ 


Memorable quotes

“I found the 9-to-5 life kind of suffocating… It’s stifling. Freelancing definitely has helped mental health-wise.”

“There’s a great need for not just content, but content that’s actually good [in cannabis]. There’s a need for branding. There’s a need for SEO… There’s a need for anyone who does social media ads. There’s plenty that’s needed in this industry.”

“Though weed is supposed to make you creative, I don’t seem much creativity happening with a lot of [cannabis] businesses.” 

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