Freelance news roundup — goodbye 2019

A Freelance Holiday Reminder: How To Be Good To Yourself In 2020, Forbes

“If nothing else, resolve to smile more in 2020. It won’t change your life, but it might make you happier. And that might change your life!”

Living in perpetual motion: I’m a digital nomad, and it’s given me the world, CBC

“For me, working while travelling is not only an affordable way to see other countries; it also gives me a way of travelling that fits with my personality. I get nervous in unfamiliar places, and I’m prone to getting lost. Having a work deadline to meet keeps my travel anxiety at bay, and the extended length of my visit lets me take my sweet, sweet, sweet time getting to know my surroundings.”

Small Businesses Rethinking Staffing As New California Contractor Law Looms, CBS Sacramento

“Although the law affects companies of all sizes and out-of-state businesses that use California contractors, it likely will have a greater impact on the many small businesses that have hired independent contractors because of limited staffing budgets.”

Author Of California’s Bill That Effectively Ends Freelancing Finally Open To Making Changes After Freelancers Lose Jobs & Lawsuit Filed, TechDirt

“There are real concerns about ways in which companies might exploit workers — but it should be pretty obvious that something is wrong if your plan to protect people from being exploited actually is causing them to lose jobs and contractual relationships they were happy with. Part of the problem is do-gooders who think they know better than everyone else, insisting that freelancers must be exploited, when most of them don’t appear to believe they are. In that case, you’re not solving a problem, you’re making one.”

California’s War on Gig Work Falls Hardest on Women,

“…Women bear the brunt of the government-imposed limit. Two-thirds of U.S. freelancers across industries are female.”

I’m fighting back against laws that could shut down my freelance business, Fast Company

“I’ve worked as a freelance writer and editor for the better part of two decades. My career has allowed me the flexibility I needed to raise my daughter, recover from cancer, and care for my aging parents while doing fascinating work and earning more than I could in a full-time job offering much less freedom. Now, these poorly written bills threaten to put me—and many others—out of business. But not without a fight.”

The freelance market is growing. Grow with it., BAI Banking Strategies

“The way Americans earn their living is evolving, and so banks must also change to meet the needs of their customers. Several larger banks already recognize the importance of serving this growing freelance workforce and offer programs and tools specifically designed to attract them. Community banks must also consider how they can cater to this audience, or risk being left behind.”

The highest-paying freelance jobs of 2020 where you can earn $90,000 or more, CNBC

This piece makes the point that you can earn a lot of money as a freelancer, an underappreciated fact, while simultaneously demonstrating in its framing exactly how you go about not doing so. If you want to make a lot of money as a freelancer, stop thinking of your career as a “freelance job” and start thinking of it as running a business. Here, I’ll fix it for them: “The highest-paying freelance businesses that can make you $90k or more in 2020.”

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