All the Freelance Women’s mission is to provide information and perspective to help women and non-binary people build powerful self-directed freelance businesses in any field, and to help us overcome narratives that hold us back from designing the careers we want.

This site is directed toward cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people comfortable in spaces that center the experiences of women. The information and perspectives here will be useful to those pursuing any type of freelancing, from writing to graphic design to ASL interpretation.

Founder Katherine Gustafson is a freelance writer with more than a decade of experience writing for and about mission-driven changemakers like tech disruptors and dynamic nonprofits. She has written one book and about a billion articles, blog posts, white papers, reports, grant applications, speeches, tweets, and other things for clients ranging from small startups to major international companies.

Why freelance women?

For a variety of reasons, women tend to be really good at freelancing. And its autonomous and flexible nature makes it a perfect fit for many women’s life paths.

But starting and developing a freelance career can be daunting. 

Women need perspectives and advice from other women on how to approach freelancing as a sustainable income-generating enterprise that can help us design the lives we want.

All The Freelance Women strives to amplify the voices of women freelancers of all kinds from around the world so that other women can learn from the paths they’ve taken.

Those paths can be difficult — even dangerous — yet these women succeed at building awesome freelance careers just the same. 

Welcome to this positive, supportive community of women and non-binary freelancers who recognize that when we each succeed we all succeed.